plaato airlock v3-BrewSpy - iSpindel Tilt Plaato

plaato airlock v3-BrewSpy - iSpindel Tilt Plaato

Version: 3.6.3

adout plaato airlock v3-BrewSpy - iSpindel Tilt Plaato

Version 3.6.3

introduction plaato airlock v3-BrewSpy - iSpindel Tilt Plaato

plaato airlock v3

BrewSpy receives data from your digital hydrometers and uses them to plot fermentation graphs, notify you for important changes and much more to help you keep track of your fermentation progress.

The following devices are supported:

- iSpindel
- Tilt Hydrometer
- PLAATO airlock
- Nautilis relay (for iSpindel)
- Nautilis Temperature sensors
- Custom Data through webhooks(eg receive data from BrewPiLess's HTTP Logging)

Key features include:

- Create a new batch for each fermentation and view key statistics such as ABV and attenuation and keep a record of your brewing history
- Alcohol (ABV) % and Attenuation at any point of the fermentation process
- Graphs: gravity & temperature, compare graphs with previous batches
- Record ambient / fermentation chamber temperatures along with your batch graph by setting any of your devices to act as an temperature sensor for the device that's recording the fermentation progress
- Save your graphs in your phone's gallery or share them with your friends
- Create events based on your data, and have BrewSpy send you notifications when triggered or call webhook urls to communicate with your IoT devices
- Calibration wizard to help you calibrate your iSpindel
- Taplist functionality to keep track what's on tap in your keezer, and how much beer is left by linking to PLAATO Keg
- Homescreen widgets to be always up to date with your fermentation progress

You will need to setup your devices to send its data to the BrewSpy server. The app will guide you on how to do that.

The app if free for one device, but a subscription is required if you want to add more devices, or for certain advanced features

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Download BrewSpy - iSpindel Tilt Plaato 3.6.3 MOD APK for Android, com.yiannnos.myspindel

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plaato airlock v3 BrewSpy - iSpindel Tilt Plaato

  • Version:3.6.3 _ Size:7.3MB
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  • Requirements:Andriod 5.0+ _ Publish Date:10/06/2022
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